The creative team that brought you the Magic Land of Allakazam was also working on many other "spin-off" projects.  This proposal involved a Wizard, puppets, a young hero, and a magical castle.  This "Wizard Castle" museum-quality canvas print (22"W x18"W) is a dramatic setting that (former Disney artist) Glenn  Schmitz created as a beautiful Water-Color rendering. Glenn honed his skills during his work at Disney, as you can see in the style of this piece.  Notice that the lighting on the front of the Castle comes from a torch being carried across the draw-bridge.  You can only see the tip of the flame about halfway across the bridge, but, the illumination from it bounces off the front door and the inside of the entry arch to the right of the Castle.  A  clever way to dramatize the beginning of our hero's entrance into the Wizard's lair!

This beautiful, Numbered Edition, Gallery Wrapped, Canvas Print represents our dedication to the true color and vibrance that Glenn intended.  It's not "storyboard" art. It has a much higher degree of finish.   This 22"wide x 18" tall rendering was intended to be a feature piece in the presentation of this new creative concept proposal.  It's never been released to the public.  That's why this is a wonderful opportunity to amaze your friends and family with the story of how rare and special the Wizard Castle piece is!

There's a second incredible piece of water-color art that is the companion piece in this story's presentation.  (See collection listing)  It's an energetic rendition of our Hero in the climatic Wizard Battle.  I have not yet found the description of the full story.  I hope I will find it soon.  This looks like a really fun show.   

This item does not include shipping.  After purchase, we will contact you and organize how you want to receive it.  The item is large and fragile, so we want to take the most care in delivery to you.  If you will not be picking it up in-person, then we will get you the USPS mail cost based on your destination.

Either as a stand-alone piece or side by side with Wizard Battle-Concept Art, this is an excellent addition to a magical Gallery!  So far, the Wizard Battle is only other water-color rendering from the same proposal.   This is a great way to bring a little Magic from Allakazam into your home!   And now you can have your own Allakazam Archives Canvas Gallery Wrap that may last much longer than the original!  


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