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The Gentleman magician

The Magic of Greg Wilson

If you know Greg, he's happy to have you back.

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The 1964/65 New york world's fair

Mark Wilson's The Hall of Magic

The real story behind the creation and success of Mark Wilson's legendary production in the General Cigar Pavilion.

The original

Mark Wilson Magic

Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell Wilson's main website full of their life history, wonderful memorabilia, and a great store.  Come visit and buy original Wilson Stuff.  We are keeping this OG site alive!

The world's best magic rental site

Magic 4 Rent

For decades the Mark Wilson Magic Collection has been rented for Television, Film, and Live Productions.

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Be Re-enchanted

Allakazam Archives

Preserving the history of the trailblazing work by Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell, and the incredible Allakazam Team.  

Come rediscover the magic

The Magic Happens in your hands!

Magic - ToGo

The online magic show presented by Greg Wilson, a unique way to entertain Family, Friends, and Customers with a Magical Experience. 

Art - Magic - History...

Magic Auction Warehouse

This auction website is not only fun but a great place to find that special thing that you just have to have for your collection.  

One-Of-A-Kind items, many available for the first time. 

  • Greg. I was one of your mom and dad’s biggest fans back in the 70’s. So much that my father flew me to several of your dad’s shows on the west coast from Michigan. I just saw your video with Franz and can’t wait to see your new website when it’s fully functional. I travel a lot between Vegas, Los Angeles and Michigan and would love to meet you and shake your hand…..maybe get an autograph for my magic wall at my bar. I’ll make sure to place your picture or poster right next to your dad and Bill Bixby (who I met around the same time as your dad). Like I said, can’t wait for the fully functional website! Maybe I’ll rent some stuff from you when I’m in town performing again soon.

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